Eric Whitacre
Whitacre, Inc. The practical tactics of an ethereal composer

By Brian Wise

Verdi & Wagner: Together at Last

The polar opposites share a bicentennial - and perhaps more than we think.

By Colin Eatock

The Rite of a Hundred Springs

Since the riotous launch of Stravinsky’s tour de force acentury ago, composers from Debussy to Dalbavie, from Messiaen to the minimalists, from Xenakis to Zhurbin, have taken inspiration from the score, which remains a revivifying, renewable and perennial source of energy.

By Paul Griffiths

The Adventurer

Hilary Hahn discusses diving into new music, what it means to be American, giving her collaborators an online voice and her knee-knocking introduction to improvisation.

By Ben Finane

on interviews

By Ben Finane

music + life

The Business of Voices

Four decades and twenty-four members in, The King’s Singers maintain their market share.

By Damian Fowler


On the verge of pursuing a singing career, a soprano faces hearing loss.

By Ashley M. Opalka

Contemporary Diva, Maestra

The mysteries of Barbara Hannigan.

By Rebecca Schmid

Going Home

A simple question leads to a simple answer.

By Joyce Yang

Muscle Memory

By David Yezzi



Leaving an Impression

Debussy and Ravel? Call them modernists.

By Daneil Felsenfeld

Snapshots in Time

A cellist shares his favorite recordings - and one of his own.

By Eric Jacobsen

Opera as Rock 'n' Roll

An afternoon of contemporary chamber opera in Los Angeles.

By Ben Finane

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets

Britten’s masterful treatment of A Midsummer Night’s Dream has a magic all its own.

By Thomas May

Franz Mittler: An Affair of the Ear

The twentieth-century jack found many musical trades.

By Jens F. Laurson


Gustavo Dudamel’s Mahler Nine; complete Mendelssohn; Benjamin Grosvenor’s Rhapsody; plucky Schubert; Mozart from Lars Vogt and Christian Tetzlaff; clean Beethoven from Leonidas Kavakos; The Tallis Scholars; Beyond Bach with Jennifer Koh; American Mavericks; music of Poul Rovsing Olsen; Brahms and Berg from Renaud Capuçon; music of Philip Lasser; Trio Settecento; Alessio Bax; undiscovered Franck; Nicholas Phan sings Britten; and Wagner’s complete operas.

Cinderella, Tenderly

Joyce DiDonato is Massenet’s Cendrillon.

The Ellington Century


Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012)