Mark Morris
The Choreographer Mark Morris talks about putting music first, the importance of boring music, the problem with musicians, the Three Hs, and why it’s more fun working with people who are really good at what they do.

By Ben Finane

Photographs by Sarah Shatz

The Dances, Joys, Pleasures

How dance music found its stylized peak in the Baroque and how Bach can make us dance today.

By Jens F. Laurson

What I Do on My Summer Vacation

Our annual guide to American summer festivals lays out its beach towel.

By Daniel Felsenfeld

Music & Dance

By Ben Finane

music + life

Making Radio

Working the nine-to-five with Fred Child

By Graydon Royce

Music for Dancing

Terry Davies provides the words to Matthew Bourne’s wordless creations.

By Ernio Hernandez

Ne me quitte pas

Ute Lemper sings songs of love and war with a string quartet.

By Ben Finane

A Texan in Moscow Joy Womack’s journey to the Bolshoi.

By Damian Fowler

Where It Is Needed Most

Street Symphony brings music to the margins.

By Johanna Gohmann



Double Take At the Guggenheim, two choreographers for each piece of music.

By Robert Johnson

An Enduring Threnody

Composer Krzysztof Penderecki and Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood

By Bradley Bambarger

The Value of Ballet

Wherein Emil de Cou takes on the author’s tutu biases

By Jens F. Laurson

When the Shoe Fits

Prokofiev’s Cinderella is much more than a charming retelling of the beloved fairy tale.

By Thomas May

A Baroque Fix

Toronto’s Opera Atelier was founded by a pair of dancers.

By Colin Eatock


Bach on a mandolin from Avi Avital; the sophomore release of East Coast Chamber Orchestra; Arvo Part gets the Paul Hillier treatment; the Janacek Trio plays J.B. Foerster; a fifty-CD collector’s edition from Mercury Living Presence; Vivaldi you haven’t heard (but ought to) by l’Estravagante; and shockingly modern Gesualdo from The Hilliard Ensemble

Dancing with the Stars

By Bradley Bambarger



Maurice André (1933-2012)

The Horn of Plenty

By Bradley Bambarger